Be in the Present With a Daily Tarot Card

There are ways to live each day with more meaning and leave you more at peace first with yourself, then the world around you. Information is at your fingertips, with the click of a mouse, you can get pointers on living in the moment. You can learn the techniques of mindfulness. There are many ways to meditate. All these lead to the road of inner peace and harmony.

The tarot can be helpful in setting your pace for the day. Let it help you find a way to be present in the moment. This does not require any psychic abilities. It starts with choosing a deck that you feel you can connect with. If you are not familiar with the variety of tarot decks, ask a friend, or check it out on-line. The artwork varies as well. However, you can always get another deck as you get more confident and familiar with what tarot is all about. Drawing one card and focusing on it only takes a few minutes.

Tarot card for the day

There is no lack of psychic readers on the internet including tarot. This is good, but take it a step beyond. If you do not own a tarot deck., consider owning one. Tarot cards provide insight and energy to a situation. In regular tarot readings, there are cards that turn up with the message that the wisdom / or energy is best applied in the present.

Choosing a tarot card daily can help you to focus on issues for that day. There is no right way or wrong way to read a tarot card. Look at the card with no judgment, no anxiety, no anticipation or fear. No matter how tough things are, do not greet the morning with doom and gloom.

Have faith, this is easier said than done, but remember, there is nothing to fear but fear itself. Tarot cards cover all possibilities in life- joy, love, success,strength and the opposites as well, pain, sorrow, struggles, failure,betrayal or defeat. How does this help? Being in the present moment calms down the spirit. Being calm lets the spirit offer a brighter outlook or perspective if the day seem to start off dreary.

A glance at the suits:

Minor Arcana: The suits have different designations as there are different tarot decks.. I use the Rider-Waite deck.

Sword- this suit is of the element Air. It encourages you to use your mental acuity. Focus on the image, be in the present. Fear and anxiety compounds worry. These feelings, these thoughts do not solve a problem and cloud your judgment. Take a few deep breathes, have faith and ask your spirit, angel, God or whatever deity you believe in for guidance. As you go through your day, focus on what you have to do- at that moment. The rest of the day will take care of itself.

Wands- this suit is of the element Fire. I call this suit as calling up on the fire of the spirit.It shows strength, passion and courage, asks for focus on what is right. At times, we tend to focus on the negative and breathe life to it. This is self-sabotage. Instead, be in the present moment and feel the strength of your spirit that will guide you against all odds. Feel the energy around you in the present moment.

Pentacles this suit speaks to you of Earth, the physical, material aspect of life, its challenges and its rewards. Again, the spirit inspires you to be centered and grounded. Clutter in the mind will take you nowhere. You get edgy and disoriented. Take a moment to feel grounded, your feet solid on the ground and enjoy being in your center at the moment.

Cups this suit speaks of emotions, of love or hate. It is the Water element. Water flows, so should Life. Water turns solid as ice, so do emotions- it can turn frigid. Learn to allow life to flow, each moment to unfold, this is the mystery of Life. Immerse in the moment and feel the peace flowing through your being.

Major Arcana This suit highlights more powerful energies, carry with it higher vibrations with deeper spiritual messages.

If a daily card crowds your schedule, you can pick a card, focus on it for a few days or make it a card for the week. This practice of a daily card deepens intuitive abilities. It gives you a chance to learn about the cards and you’d be amazed at the wisdom it offers. Each deck comes with a descriptive book.

It helps you to pay more attention to that inner voice which we all have and is waiting to be heard. It guides you to a healthier lifestyle, be more mindful of your health, your activities and your priorities.It enhances relationships.

How Influential Are Your Business Presentations?

Just over a year ago I attended a large Sales Force Effectiveness conference and was attracted to attend for a number of reasons. Firstly, I like to keep up to date with progress within the sales industry, particularly within sales representation and sales management. Secondly, it gave me the chance to network and meet new contacts; and thirdly, as I have a very keen interest in the power of effective presenting, this would be a chance to learn from two days of watching a total of around eighteen presenters. The purpose of this article is to highlight that based on what I observed over the two days, I now believe that the level of influential presentation skill is not what it should be and to that end, I will offer a framework for sales representatives and managers to work with in order that they can develop their business presentations.

Of the eighteen presenters (all of them at a fairly high executive level in the sales 7 marketing industry) there were only two who I would consider to have above average influential presentation skills. One executive was excellent, spoke with passion and had me listening to his every word while the other, although not quite so passionate, presented in a very effective, cool, calm manner which had me engaged due to the stories that he related. The other sixteen were at best average and at worst totally ineffective.

The most common failures were:

o Too much data and information crammed on to unreadable slides.
o Talking too fast and rushing through the slides.
o No attempts to engage the audience.
o Death by Power-Point. One person attempted to go through over sixty sides in twenty minutes!
o Lack of preparation was very evident in some cases.
o Some presentations were almost identical to the previous speakers.
o Some presenters came across as ‘arrogant’ experts.

I was not impressed and wondered exactly why such senior executives were not able to present effectively. In my twenty years in the sales industry I attended numerous presentation skills courses and I felt that at the time that most of them were effective with the result that I was a good presenter. It has only been in the last few years that having to present for a living as a self employed consultant that I have realised my level of skill was not exactly what it should have been. This has been reinforced in that since becoming an elected member of the Professional Speakers Association and now having seen some serious professional speakers in action, I needed to develop further my skills. I now believe that perhaps the traditional approach to developing presentation skills may be slightly flawed. Let me explain.

On all the skills courses I have attended much of the focus of the training has been on the speaker or presenter themselves, in terms of their body language, voice pitch and tone. There has been a huge emphasis on the use of video so that participants can see themselves on the ‘replay’ and in ‘slow motion’. A coach or trainer will assist in the video analysis thereby reinforcing that the presenter has some unique ‘mannerisms’ that desperately need changed! The end result of this is that I believe the presenter remains focused on their various body movements or ‘mannerisms’ such as what they do with their hands or feet and as such this switches the focus away from where it really should be – the audience. The best presenters I have seen concentrate fully on the audience, engaging them with both the content, their energy and their enthusiasm. Some of the best presenters I have encountered would have been ‘destroyed’ by the video analysis in that their hands were doing this or their feet doing that! In terms of the excellent presenters, these ‘mannerisms’ were not picked up by the general audience because they were not evident to them due to the nature of the presenter’s content and the overall skill and energy that they projected. One aspect of presenting that every professional presenter agrees must be a priority is that of planning, preparation and practice. This is a must for anyone who presents and the old adage, ‘fail to plan, plan to fail’ is very apt! Planning, preparation and practice builds confidence and with confidence comes the automatic reaction of focusing on your audience and not on yourself.

I have developed my E5 Presenting with Influence formula and this I believe will give sales executives and managers a framework to base the preparation and execution of their presentation around, whether it is to a group of customers or within a team business meeting situation.

ENGAGE How do you engage your audience from the start and how do you keep them engaged?
How do you manage that engagement and still keep on track?

ENLIGHTEN What does the audience know about you?
How will you manage their expectations as to what you are going to present?

EDUCATE Does your content meet the needs of the audience?
How are you going to present new information?
What evidence do you have to back up your claims?

ENTERTAIN Even the most ‘serious’ audiences want to be entertained, perhaps not through jokes (dangerous tactic!) but through real life stories and anecdotes. Do you have real life scenarios to reinforce your key messages?

ENCOURAGE In every presentation you will want the audience to react in a way that is positive. If it is a sales presentation you want at the very least a follow up meeting to discuss the opportunity further, at best, a clear commitment to buy. Your presentation must deliver encouragement to act.

The best way to deliver presentation skills training is not to emphasise the use of video but to create a learning environment whereby a training course is based around regular practice in front of peers. The feedback from peers, in the role of the audience, is far more powerful than reviewing the video footage with a trainer or coach. Presenting is about planning, preparation and providing your audience with a powerful, passionate message that will make them feel motivated to act as you would like them to. So, if you have had feedback that you stroke your nose, twiddle your thumbs, or stand at the ‘wrong’ side of the stage then provided your audience is engaged, enlightened, educated, entertained and encouraged to act then so what!

Retirement Presents For Men

When considering retirement presents for men, it may being a good idea to think outside the box in consider purchasing the man something that he would not expect. Many retirement gifts, quite frankly, are rather boring and unimaginative. Engraved plaques make for a lovely memento, but they are seldom actually displayed. More than likely, such a present will end up shoved in a drawer and forgotten in a short period of time.

When a man is about to retire, he is happy to look back all the accomplishments he achieved during his lifetime. He does not however, want to be pushed into a rocking chair and sentenced to a life of sedentary boredom. For this reason, it may be a good gift idea to choose something that will actually add some type of excitement to the retiree’s life. Of course, the gift must fit the individual. Choosing some activity that is dangerous to the man’s health is certainly not appropriate. You can however give a gift that will help a man to realize that he still has a life ahead of him that is worth living and enjoying with family and friends.

A fine gift idea for a recent retiree, may be some type of modern gadget that he does not even realize exists. Many times, older individuals caught up in the rat race of going to a job and living their everyday life, have not had the opportunity to keep up with all of the modern technological advances going on in the world around them. A fun idea might be some type of modern convenience related to some activity he enjoys. A golf course GPS or a digital camera might be an entertaining and welcomed gift.

Whatever you may choose to give the man who is retiring, be kind. There is certainly a place for a novelty gift or two, but receiving nothing but gag gifts can be boring and border on being disrespectful to someone who has put in their full portion of work days. Help them to start the next chapter of their life on a positive note and give them something that will help them to make use of and enjoy the increased amount of free time they will soon have on their hands.